Get on 590 N going south.

Exit 590N exit 1 at Winton Road South.

Head South, away from City, to first signal light, French Road which is 1/10 mile away.

Take French Road to the first signal light, about a mile away, which is Edgewood.

Turn left, going north and take your second left, which is Wintergreen.

124 Wintergreen is a 1/10 of a mile away around an s-curve.

It is on the right at the corner of a Cul-de-sac. 

Alternative ways:

Go to Monroe Avenue at the 12 corners.

Head away from the City and turn right at the second signal light, which is Edgewood. Go about a mike on Edgewood and Wintergreen is on the right (west).

Get off 590 N at Monroe Ave and turn right.

1st left signal light is Edgewood.

Edgewood runs from Jefferson Road to Monroe Avenue.

Wintergreen is two blocks north of French Road off Winton.


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